Assessing the Computer Literacy of University Graduates

Serkan Dincer
Cukurova University
Adana, Turkey

Computer literacy is the level of knowledge and skill for the effective use of computers and technologies to fulfil individuals’ aims. However, the purposes of using computers differs from person to person. Therefore, there is no explicit standard regarding computer literacy levels – and yet there is a common view on the basic levels. Although many studies have been conducted on computer use in a wide range of fields, a very limited number of them are related to levels of computer literacy. For instance, adults are supposed to be computer literate, but there is no assessment for this situation. In this regard, it is crucial to analyse the computer literacies of university graduates. This research aims to identify the computer literacy levels of individuals who graduated from the Universit, with 525 graduates from various departments participating in the study. According to the results of the analyses conducted, their basic computer literacy levels were found to be low.