The Relationship Between Learning Style and the Use of a Facebook Group as a Learning Management System for Online Learners

Myra C Almodiel and Aurora V Lacaste
University of the Philippines Open University
Los Baños, the Philippines

Social networking sites, such as Facebook, have emerged and are becoming popular in academe as a learning management system (LMS). The capabilities of Facebook groups to augment online learning show that Facebook can become an effective LMS. However, students’ acceptance of Facebook as a learning environment may vary depending on their individual learning styles. This study aims to describe how the students’ acceptance of a Facebook group as an LMS is linked to their learning styles. To determine the students’ learning styles, a survey using Felder’s Index of Learning Styles (ILS) was administered. Online students’ attitudes, intent to use and perceptions of the usefulness and ease of use of a Facebook group as an LMS were observed using the technology acceptance model (TAM). The differences in students’ acceptance of Facebook groups according to learning styles were then determined. The results suggest that students find Facebook groups easy to use and a good idea for an LMS. Verbal learners perceived a Facebook group as easy to use and useful for learning, while active and intuitive learners intended to continue to use Facebook groups for learning.

This study aims to contribute to the growing literature on the use of Facebook groups as an LMS in the Asian setting.