Collaboration of Multidisciplinary Students on the Development of Mobile Games

Wing-Kwong Wong, Wei-Te Liu, Hsi-Hsun Yang and Tsung-Kai Chao
National Yunlin University of Science and Technology
Douliu City, Taiwan

Sheng-Kai Yin
MingDao University
Pitou Township, Taiwan

Traditionally, an engineering course on game programming on mobile devices focuses on programming skills. However, a successful game on mobile devices must address such issues as attractive graphics, a game plan and marketing. The final projects for engineering students in such courses often don’t produce appealing games due to the lack of attractive graphics or other critical elements. On the other hand, many design students can produce stunning graphic designs but may not be very skilful in programming. The researchers therefore designed three courses in three departments of two universities and several workshops to get engineering students and design students to work together to produce video games on mobile devices. Questionnaires for students examined the communication process and the problems of collaboration. The responses showed some positive results and some problems in team communication and other dynamics. These observations could help to improve the collaboration between students from different disciplines.