Student Perception of Using a Monopoly-based Accounting Simulation Game: Evidence from Hong Kong

Anson Wong and Bruce Li
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hong Kong SAR, China

A Monopoly-based accounting simulation game is one of the most popular accounting simulation games in the business faculties of universities around the world. Numerous studies (Albrecht, 1995; Heyman, 1975; Knechel & Rand, 1994; Lewis & Mierzwa, 1989; Tanner & Lindquist, 1998) have reported that the Monopoly-based accounting simulation game can effectively facilitate students’ learning in accounting courses. However, their findings seldom report Hong Kong students’ perceptions on using this game for learning – a gap which this study aims to fill by investigating local students’ views on using this game in accounting courses. The data were collected by a survey. On average, students supported using this simulation game in learning and they believed that using clickers could improve their learning competency. The results of the study can help instructors to assess the impact of the accounting simulation game when considering using it as an active learning tool.