Piloting Small Private Online Course to Engage Cross-regional Learners of English Education Undergraduate Programme in Learning: Taking the Online Course Media Assisting English Teaching as an Example

Aiwu Peng
Hunan Radio and TV University
Changsha, China

The research focus of inclusive education was, and still is, on classroom-based instructions for conventional students, despite the fact that technology-mediated e-instruction for distance learners is burgeoning today. In the light of this, a pilot field investigation of SPOC of MAET was carried out among learners on an English Education undergraduate programme at HNRTU which aimed to engage cross-regional learners in learning, and also identify possible improvements for satisfying such needs. The research findings show that the learners in this pilot study learned through an unsatisfactory approach, which resulted from poor non-academic student support in the RTVU network. It is suggested that attention should be paid to balancing the opportunities for ‘speaking’ in the communities to help ‘the silent’ and ‘edgy’ in the virtual cross-regional learning communities so that they experience happy and self-confident learning, and promoting the generation and accreditation of prior learning.