Exploring a Web-based Project Management and Collaboration Tool: The UPOU’s Initial Experience of Basecamp

Anna Ma, Elizabeth F Cañas-Llamas, Joane V Serrano, Myra C Almodiel and Roberto B Figueroa, Jr.
University of the Philippines Open University
Los Baños, the Philippines

The choice of the tools for communicating and collaborating in an organization is vital. These tools, as the avenue for messages and exchanges, allow people to connect, share, explore and engage in limitless ways, and they can make or break the efficiency and effectivity of the whole communication process. In an era with an online workforce, the plethora of available web-based tools offers the convenience of faster and more effective collaboration among people in different places.

This paper presents the preliminary findings of an exploratory study on the use of Basecamp, a web-based project management and collaboration tool, by employees of the UP Open University (UPOU). As an Open University, the faculty and staff are stationed in various remote locations, and so there is a need to explore tools and strategies for managing projects in these locations. This paper aims to find out staff perceptions on the use of Basecamp, as well as their level of acceptance, adoption and adjustment to this newly-introduced technology. Interviews and a survey which included the Usability Test were conducted. The respondents’ frequency of use and technology preferences for communicating within the organization were also recorded. The results of this research show how effectively Basecamp helped UPOU employees in managing collaborative work.